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Volunteer Notes For The Quarter
9 September 2019
  • Treasurer’s Report

    We have $8,800 in the Fund Drive mailouts so far this year.

  • Maintenance Items

    • We are working on replacement steps for the brush truck.

    • Jerry is working on replacing headlights in Utility 8.

    • The Support 8 control panel needs repair.

    • The Support 8 breaker panel cover is not staying in place.

  • Training Update (VST Academy)

    The current Volunteer Support Tech 2019 Recruit Class is nearing completion. Wildland Firefighting Techniques was held last Saturday, with CPR and Communications scheduled for the 20th and 21st of September. EVOC and Hazardous Materials Awareness will be offered by Fire Training during October, after a period of EVOC cone course practice sessions take place with prospective students.

  • Prospective Recruit Status

    We currently have nine (9) applicants who have turned there PHQ into HR, and are currently being processed. Two (2) others have been interviewed and not yet turned their PHQs into HR. Two (2) others (Navy Personnel) are scheduled for interviews this week. Several who have been interviewed have been dropped from the process for various reasons. VBFD non-selectees will be canvassed to determine volunteer interest prior to possible re-application to career departments.

  • B-30 Memo Review on Personal Issues

    If you have a problem with someone it needs to be put in writing and given to the chief so it can be looked into. Some problems can be taken care of in a 1-on-1 session. Please review the email previously sent out if you have any questions.

  • Upcoming Events

    • Hunt Club Farms – October 12th and 13th from 1400 – 1800 all are welcome.

    • Guinea Jubilee – September 28th from 0800 – 1500 (check email if you would like to sign up).

    • West Point Parade – October 4th 1300- unknown (check email if you would like to sign up).

    • Urbana Oyster Festival Parade – November 1st 1300 – unknown. (check email if you would like to sign up).

    • Annual Meeting / Dinner November 9th at 1800. Place TBD. Letters will be sent in the mail soon.

  • Nomination of OVFD Officers

    President: Steve Kennedy, Josh Swindell

    Vice President: Dave Burkett, Steve Kenney, Josh Swindell

    Treasurer: Betty Mills

    Secretary: Jerry Ogdin

    Member at Large: Jerry Odgin, Paul Laietta, Chris Miele, Steven Kent, Emily Lowery

  • Grant Update

    • We should hear about the grant we put in for the new scene lights by the end of September. If we receive the grant, we are getting the new lights. If we don’t, we are going to buy them outright.

    • Kelli, Hubert, and Josh are looking into a grant to replace most of our tools. Target is December for that.

  • New LED Lights in Support 08

    The entire Support Truck is getting new LED compartment lights. We are getting on set for compartment 6 and we will buy the rest after we see if we like them. Josh is hoping to have them installed by November.

  • Rock and Roll Half Marathon Staffing

    We just wanted to thank those who stepped up last minute to staff the brush and UTV for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.