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Volunteer Notes For The Quarter
8 January 2019
  • Support 08 was out of service from Sunday (01/06/2019) to Tuesday (01/08/2019). Ride shocks for the cab have been replaced.

  • No treasurer’s report for tonight.

  • EMS Update:

    • We have been going through the bags updating theme, with help of Chris Florio. You can use the equipment based on the level of training you can perform.

    • The BBP bag is now updated with different size gloves. Anyone can restock the bag.

    • Blue bag has gloves of all sizes. There is a check off sheet inside for whomever restocks the bag.

    • C collar kit. We have 2 adult sizes and 2 infant sizes.

    • Removed suction unit.

    • There will be a tab with a date indicating when the bag needs to be fully checked again.

    • There will be check off sheet in the jump bag for restocking.

    • AED on Support 08 is the only one working. AEDs removed from Brush 08 and UTV 08.

  • New website is up. We now have a PayPal Button for donations. We will have it on the Facebook page. We will be emailing out the link.

    • There is an option to do a monthly payment, $5 or more each month. PayPal will get 2.2% plus $0.30 of each donation.

    • We are trying to use this instead of the mail out. It is cheaper in the long run.

  • Burket noted that everyone needs to be nicer to each other. We need to remember the golden rule.

  • This time next year most support techs will need CPR again.

  • Chief Funaiock could not make it to the meeting. He emailed Chief Richardson his notes:

    • We will get together about getting gear. Brush techs will get full gear and full Firefighter Physical as of January 1st. City is looking into letting techs that have Firefighter 1 and 2 transition to Firefighter. It is not in our best interests. You will have to sign a 2 year contract, do a cpat, and may have to work at other stations.

    • Drivers are going to be given Red Gear that a few of our members have now.

    • Brush techs will get full gear when they pass the firefighter physical.

  • Training Update: New techs will have approximately 6 shifts to get to operator status.

  • Decon 1 will be going into service when Support 08 is out. Decon 1 is currently the city garage getting worked on so it is ready for us to use.

  • Please return any gently used duty shirts to Chief Richardson.

  • We are working to update the military service plaques in the station with the help of VBFD. These plaques have the names of everyone who has worked at 8 with VBFD or OVFD who is currently or retired from the military. If you are in any branch please let Chief Richardson know so he can put your name on them.

  • We have new rechargeable hand lights on Brush 08 and UTV 08 thanks to the Kent family.

  • Everyone should be checking their CITY email at home and not just at the station during shift. All OVFD emails will be going to that email only, as of January 1st, 2019. Chief Richardson has sent out instructions explaining how to check your city email from home. If you need help please ask.

  • The chief’s convention will have 2 dates at which we need help.

    • We need 4 people to be bartenders on the 21st and 2 people to hand out the fake money at casino night on the 23rd.

    • Please email Chief Richardson if you are willing to help.

  • Chief Richardson also wanted to make sure that everyone knows you are allowed to track hours you do for fire department related training.